If it Hurts, it Hurts

This used to be me. How crazy is it to allow things to hurt us and not speak up? Why? To keep from hurting others? First of all, someone may not understand that they are triggering you. To them it might just be kidding around. If you don’t speak up, they can’t possibly know what they are doing hurts you.

Now if you speak up and they continue, they don’t respect you.

28 thoughts on “If it Hurts, it Hurts”

  1. This is why for me its always been a serious challenge for me to correlate with passive ppl that resemble sheep and follow the flock. I have absolutely no desire to fit in nor lower my conviction into my actions for the sake of appeasing others.

    I will not ever sugar coat nothing and I would expect those that are real to do the same. Many fail to realized no matter what you do or how much you give helping hand or show grace will be seen as the venom in someone’s obessional fixation in their story.

    Storms come and go many are outta of your grasp but some are created by your own I’ll will and fail to act in execution of your conviction.

    So when you blame others or envious of others finding fulfillment what did you do to get yourself there or do you think things worth value as words with meaning should be given not earned.

    Tell you right now your thinking is a mirage because nothing with value is ever given !

    Sooner you ascertain this into your state of mind the closer you will be to ascending to taking the steps to ascend to the mantel of highest peak.

    But you need to wager in risks and knowing that it’s all or nothing !



    Luas dia I do thuras Laura


      1. I look forward to deciphering it Laura

        As you can see I think very different and raw from others.

        Logic and facts should never be out weighed by how you feel or emotional responses.

  2. I feel the same. Unfortunately the person hurting me is doing it because he is hurting. It doesn’t make it right. I have just realized recently I have to not receive that hurt so I can have peace. And hope he will find peace too. That is a really hard thing to do, but had to be done. 💔

    1. Peace is like happiness, it’s personal. You find yours and lets him worry about his. Hurt people sometimes hurt people. It might not be intended but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. Take care of you first love! 💕

    1. Yes ma’am! I won’t be silent anymore. Sometimes the hurt is from not speaking up and letting others know exactly what’s what with a person. But I have found if you keep quiet in those situations, that person’s true face will show. You have to stay quiet and not react to provocations so that people can see. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

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