She Whispered, I’m a Witch

10 thoughts on “She Whispered, I’m a Witch”

      1. When you’re ready for them, they’ll come to you. The extreme majority of people who do readings are fakes and tell you what you want to hear anyway. From personal experience,even if you see them, they can be a gawdawful distraction or weight. You spend time wondering what you could have done different in those lives instead of focusing on this life and it’s lessons. And soulmates… Weeeeell… Is it REALLY spiritual to believe that you’re disconnected from all of humanity except for 1 specific person? Even if you meet them, a soulmate’s ultimate desire to to permanently reunite. THAT means they’ll do anything, no matter how cruel to get you to learn, grow and evolve off this rock. Yeah, I know, I’m a buzzkill, lol. One with experience though. 😛 😀

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