The Wolf Inside

The wolf inside was quiet now. It had conquered all that dared to try to defeat her.

It wasn’t that the wolf had lost its fight. Quite the opposite. The wolf was confident in its strength. Those who had dared to test this strength found out just what she was made of.

When you know your own strength, you no longer have to growl or howl to be heard. They know. Believe me. They know.

-LA Vent 2019

Picture by Deviant Art

12 thoughts on “The Wolf Inside”


    For a reason enough said…

    Absolutely I love when the impact of my twisted envisions sends fear quivering down my audiences spines with blinding anticipation of the unknown.

    Its euphoric knowing others fear my presence and anticipation of their fear knowing I’m unpredictable in my actions , is why those that come into my domain are willing to accept they could and most certainly not survive.

    The raw intensity and uncensorship I write with emulates this into provocation of execution.

    Luas dia I do thuras