Being “Normal” is not a Virtue

To be normal means to conform to a standard. To be what’s expected. Following the crowd is not who I am. You have your way. I have mine.

If I make you uncomfortable by not conforming, you might want to ask yourself why that is, or look the other way. Cause I’m not about to change to appease anyone’s comfort level.


19 thoughts on “Being “Normal” is not a Virtue”

  1. Quite intriguing a thought..!!
    I partially agree to this. If being “normal” is used in the context of referring to “satisfactory” or “standard” behaviour, then I believe that normal doesn’t have the negative connotation as referred to here. (For example, the “normal” behaviour of your car would be desirable to you)
    However, if the context is the achievement of a “comfort zone” and lack of zeal towards pursuit of excellence, then as you rightly said, being “normal” is quite undesirable.

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  2. Excellent Laura !

    I will never have any desire to be what society deems as acceptable accords ever.

    I live by my own code and frankly careless what others fucking think of me.

    They presume to evaluate you accreditation to what is social acceptance what does that mean?

    Decide whether your wolf or sheep …Me

    I know where I stand Rise Above!

    I am the Crocodile at the water hole never …ever think there will be no accountability for your recoil from your actions.

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