I had the big house. I had everything I thought I ever wanted. Things don’t bring peace. Things don’t bring contentment. I left 99.5% of everything behind and started over. I have a much smaller house. A hell of a lot less possessions and I’m happy. I have everything I need. I’m content. Things are just things. Things can be replaced.

21 thoughts on “Contentment”

  1. No matter how much others think Money will and always be the root of all evil. it will not buy you or take the empty void of not being complete from within astray.

    When your chapter has been finalized and there is no more ink to lay to paper in writing in your testament.

    You will be nothing more than decaying sand as ashes blowing in the wind.



  2. I don’t have a house at all & likely will never own real estate again unless I meet a man to fall in mutual love with & we buy a condo together.

    But that’s okay. I was miserable being married & he destroyed our finances in any case.

    John is right that things end up owning us. I like that I can leave where I live, if I want to, without the hassle of selling property. I can just walk away…

    1. That’s exactly right. I was miserable! I felt like a prisoner in my own life. I got lost trying to save him and my marriage. Once I let go of hope for us, I found hope for me. All of what we accumulated over the years meant nothing. I had to go for me. No more baggage including those things.

  3. I learned that lesson early on in life…In my 20’s. I went to the mall to get my hair done for a wedding. It was February 7th. My next memory was waking up in a hospital with my sister standing over me telling me I had been in a very serious car accident. I couldn’t see very well and I was paralyzed on my left side. I had to relearn so many things over again. When I woke up it was March 21st. So I know all about things changing in the blink of an eye, literally. I also had to bury my precious Sean Patrick. He was 7 months old, but his life changed the world and he had a very short road to heaven <3 I was 21 when I had the accident and I was 24 when we lost our sweet baby Sean. I used my grief and turned it into gratitude. I said thank you for all I have learned at such a young age. If helped me to grow into a wonderful happy wife and an ever better Mother of 5 beautiful children. I have been married for 40 years this year to my high school sweetheart and we have 6 beautiful grandchildren. In a couple of weeks we are going to our youngest son's wedding. He is a ballet dancer and she is a ballerina on the same company. That's how they met. They danced the ballet Romeo & Juliet and yes he was Romeo and she was his Juliet. How's that for a cool love story <3 Blessings dear Laura <3

    1. You have been through some very hard times. I know several people that have lost a child and to take that experience and turn it into strength is amazing. Many blessings to the soon to be newlyweds! Many blessings to you as well. Thank you for sharing! 💕