Heebie Jeebies-The Creature of the Woods

Sit back kids.

Do not fear.

I have a little tale.

Now draw in near.

A creature ran wild

in the woods nearby.

Terrorizing the locals.

Many did die.

Ones that lived to

tell the tale.

Say this creature came

straight from Hell.

Blood soaked fangs.

A monster of lore.

Fire for eyes.

With a beastly roar.

If you survive,

you’ll never be the same.

Scarred for life,

most now insane.

What is it?

Listen, do you hear?

His screams echo in the dark.

He does draw near.

It’s time to head for shelter

and end our little tale.

He is upon us and bringing

with him Hell!

Goodnight my children.

Close your little eyes.

I sure hope to see you

when the sun does rise.

-LA Vent 2019

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