I’m Rocking Who I’ve Fought to Become

As we get older we grow wiser, stronger and we are less likely to candy coat things. Life has taught us the value of time. Of our time.

We don’t feel the need to accept things at face value. We don’t feel the need to delve deeper if we don’t want. We know ourselves and what we need. We’ve stopped apologizing for things we should not be apologizing for. We respect our time and ourselves and will not tolerate anyone not doing the same. We say I love you more and we say no even more than that.

We set boundaries. We find humor in every day events. We look longer at the night sky. Dance in the rain. We shake off things that at one time we’d hold onto for days.

We fought to become the women we are today. Our wounds, some physical, some internal. Every tear, every smile, every joy, every heartache has brought us to ourselves. Today I’m rocking who I fought to become.

13 thoughts on “I’m Rocking Who I’ve Fought to Become”

  1. Wonderful! I celebrate you!

    And all women who have fought to be who they are, who are still fighting, and who have yet to begin.

    It takes courage.

    For it may SEEM that our culture encourages girls and women… why we are everywhere doing everything, aren’t we? Yeah sure. If we’re slim and pretty and white and smile a lot and defer to men at the proper time and giggle when we go a bit too far oopsy! Still gotta know how to bake and clean and dress sexy! 🙄🙄🙄