Medusa, Punished for her Rape

Athena punishes Medusa for being raped by Poseidon. Medusa is one of the scariest women of Greek Mythology. Her punishment was no where near as scary as the reason for her punishment. She was innocent. Poseidon raped her leaving her “damaged”. She was not fit now to be married as her virginity was gone. It didn’t matter that it was taken.

Athena, took her vengeance but not on Poseidon. It was expected for male Gods to do such things. Medusa, one of the scariest women of Greek mythology and a martyr.

4 thoughts on “Medusa, Punished for her Rape”

      1. It was consensual in that particular myth. There are tons more stories of gods raping women in Greco-Roman myth though for sure. Not every story is rape though. Clytie threw herself at Apollo for example (and was rejected). Athena (and Artemis) are also the closest thing to feminists in Greek myth too.

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