Don’t Accept the Unacceptable

The first step is recognizing an issue. Then recognizing the part you play in said problem. Don’t accept the unacceptable. Growth!

8 thoughts on “Don’t Accept the Unacceptable”

  1. Ok, one more note before I let you be. I took philosophy in college. One big philosophical question was: Did you always do the best you could? People tend to answer no to this question. But the truth is, of course they did the best they could or they would have done better. For whatever reason, it was the best they had AT THAT MOMENT. All about letting go of the past. Some acceptance of what is. The past is something you cannot change… Determinism, in-determinism. I have mixed philosophical views. It’s not fate, it’s not all accident. I think it was John Stewart Mill who was in between. Yep, it was him. Interestingly, he was a “liberal” who believed in the rights of the individual. How things have changed! He was not a “hard determinist.” There was SOME free will. Our belief we have some control over our choices means we CAN change things even if there is causal reasons for why we believe we can. One person is raised to believe they can change things, one isn’t. They both get thrown overboard in a rough sea. One says it’s all fate, no bother swimming. The other says “no I have control over it,” swims until someone gets there. His belief saves his life. But still there are interconnected reasons why the one person believes he has power over circumstances and one does not–so it’s difficult to get away from determinism. Why I don’t believe in the death penalty–too good a case for determinism and these serial killers not being responsible for their actions (some physical problem or mental problem they have no control over–still don’t let them out!). And of course, all good and bad things are also interconnected in the universe, so circumstances become somewhat value-less. Nothing is as good as it seems and nothing is quite as bad.

    Makes it easier to forgive others and yourself.

    Ok, I promise this time…

  2. Yes. I guess words matter. If you CAN’T change it, by definition, you can’t– you might as well accept it. If you CAN, great! Change the things you can. Circumstances have nothing to do with peace. Old people know this. It’s all about learning to stay focused on t eh process and leaving the result to the cosmos. And if your happiness depends on circumstances being right or winning at someting, you’ll be “happy” about a week or two in your life. If that. I told my grandmother once that I was really happy and she said, “ah, that’s nice, dear. Everyone should be happy once in her life time.” She had more peace than anyone I ever knew. Her husband died when he was 35 of Hodgkins disease and she never remarried. She raised my dad all alone. Had cancer three times in her life. Took care of other people who were dying or sick. Everybody loved her. And still, she was more at peace than anyone I ever knew before or since. Her circumstances were really never great. I do yoga: what IS, simply IS. I know this takes a bit of emotional distance that is hard for writers, but the passion can go into the process of things instead. Sorry for writing so much! I will get to work now and leave you to it.

    Also, about circumstances. I have a son with Down Syndrome. A shock at first. But I met so many people who were dealing with much worse than I was. It was the first time I realized things could always be much worse and could get that way any moment and what IS, IS. It’s all relative. In fact, I write about this a lot. It’s hard to tell “good” circumstances from “bad” because it’s all linked together. Without the bad, the good wouldn’t happen either, one thing leads to the next. The meaning of life has nothing to do with circumstances. My son was not a “bad” thing–he is the greatest blessing of my life. Now I went on again… I promise. No comments for a few days! Very sorry.

    1. Please don’t apologize. I say, it is what it is-a lot. We don’t control much of what happens. Most definitely cannot hinge happiness on how we expect things should be. I think the older we get the better we get at rolling with the punches. Picking our battles. To me this quote means, do not accept less than you deserve. Never allow someone to treat you in a way that causes you to let go of what you need. Accept people for who they are and adjust accordingly.
      Your son is a blessing indeed. We never know in this life what might come our way. Many can’t see the blessings in life. Please comment any time!! 💕

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