Food for Thought-Happiness Blockers

3 thoughts on “Food for Thought-Happiness Blockers”

  1. This CAN be true, especially living in the past. But I think peace comes when you get inspiration from others AND when you have generosity of spirit for them, you have it for yourself. It’s competing with others that causes so many people unhappiness–not that competition is bad! I’m a believer in that, too. Because it can help you get better. But I love golf movies because they have the secret to life–we just need to learn to be the best US. I think I conquered generosity of spirit a long time ago. I think unhappiness, and this is harder for me, is still connected to other people in a different way: we allow them to define us often, put us in boxes and/or we are hurt by them trying to do that. When we should just leave them to it. And/or we are hurt by them excluding us in some way, whether it’s religion, politics, or any other group. When we should just learn to realize it’s their problem, be sad for them, and leave them to it. Sometimes our “success” depends on the approval of other people: we writers are not happy self publishing usually, are we? It’s a life time of rejection. So it’s about letting go of results and focusing on t he process where the real joy comes from anyway! And even when you do get published (I’ve been published a lot), that is really never enough if that’s the goal! Another lesson I’ve learned.

    You have some nice posts that get me thinking and primed for my work. I’m a literary writer, but I am experimenting with a fantasy novel–want more fun in my life!

    Does my posting link back to my wordpress account? Can you tell me? It’s Seems weird it says lynnfay73 (my hotmail name).

    Have a great day.