The Chameleon


Lurking in the dark.

His face hidden, I can’t see.

A hooded figure.

I feel like he’s following me.

I turn the corner,

he’s always near.

Everywhere I go.

His presence fills me with such fear.

A stalker? I

really do not know.

What does he want?

My anxiety does grow.

I had enough and

surprised him from behind.

He seemed to expect it.

Is what I came to find.

A guardian sent to protect me.

A shock I must say.

Not what I expected.

To meet my guardian that day.

He’d been here all along.

Hiding in plain view.

My protector. My guardian.

To think, I never knew.

He is always with me.

Changing his disguise.

My very own protector.

No longer does fear leave me paralyzed.

-LA Vent 2019

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