An Enlightened Path

Are people ever completely healed? I guess it’s subjective. My feelings on it are this-yes, we heal but we are forever changed by what hurts us. It does not mean we grow cold. It just means our perspective changes.

We are more cautious. We become more observant. We do not become heartless. We just use our hearts less.

So, yes we can heal. Yes, we can move forward. But our struggles, our pain will lead us onto a new path. An enlightened one. Many blessings.

5 thoughts on “An Enlightened Path”

  1. Interesting Laura!

    But if your agreeing to yes and saying your perspective changes wouldn’t mean your viewing your logic as subjective.

    I agree there is partial truth to give comfort to others to have sense of hope I get it but for me only way you truly learn and adapt is by enduring the Storms.

    Luas dia I do thuras Laura


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    1. Oh yes you endure the storms but it leaves an impact. We learn lessons in life from all the good things and the bad things that happen. I am still nurturing and a loving person but I’m cautious who I let into my world. After spending almost 20 years of my life with a man to find out I never really knew him will make you more cautious.

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      1. Agree

        I not one to let others into my pack very easily either and once I do and you betray my honour and trust you are almost if foolishly to do so dead to me.

        No I don’t hold grudges I harbour them then when timing is right I maximize my cerebral assault.

        This is why I am the Crocodile

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