My Energy

I was just thinking about people that I see and they are in miserable relationships. Both are just miserable. That’s no way to live.

Then there’s compatibility. I see people trying to be happy with someone that just does not view things as they do. Now I’m not saying opposites can’t attract and make it work. What I’m saying is this, if your energy is being altered for the negative trying to fit someplace you just don’t fit, you need to move on.

Affairs of the heart. Not always easy. I’m all for fighting for love. But not when it’s tearing away at the fabric you are made of. Molding yourself to be someone you’re not is a sure way to kill your soul. Growth is good. Suppressing yourself to appease someone is not. Note the difference.

7 thoughts on “My Energy”

  1. Starting at it from the flip side, there’s the old saying that if two people are exactly alike in a relationship, one of them is unnecessary, lol. Like everything in life, there’s a balancing act. There has to be enough compatibility to get along and enough differences to promote growth.

    I stayed 13 years in a SHIT marriage though due to low self esteem, trying to be a good little merry Christian, and wanting to prove I could make better relationship choices than my both thrice married parents. Yeah… NEVER again.

  2. I love this powerful message! ❤️ And I’m totally with you on that! TRUE LOVE CELEBRATES WHO WE ARE (rather than what others demand for us to be)….. TRUE LOVE LIBERATES!!!!! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

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