Note to Self

Amen!! Be you! Unapologetically! I will always be a quirky, rambunctious, tenacious, whimsical woman.

If anyone doesn’t like it, move along.

20 thoughts on “Note to Self”

  1. Right on! I was feeling a LITTLE guilty for a couple months because an ex misinterpreted a nice day we had together as friends in July and thought we were back on the couple path. When I said we weren’t he flipped out and said I’d led him on. He called me mean, said I’ve been using him, all this crazy shit. I’ve been wondering if I actually did something…

    Until yesterday when I discovered he has recently flipped out over a different friend. He’s gone into a fit of paranoia over some bs over “likes” on fb posts. Clearly, he’s just cracking up and it has nothing to do with anyone but himself!

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    1. Yup sounds like his problem, not yours. You were just trying to be his friend. It kills me that people think that being friendly means more. I’m gonna be clear. If I want more than friendship, you’ll know. I have gotten really good at shutting conversations down when men start asking if I’m single. I am so crystal clear. They probably think I’m being a bitch. I’m just stopping things in their tracks. Guy asked me if I had a man. I said, no and I don’t want one. I could tell he was put off by my response. Way I see it that’s not my problem. I was polite but to the point. This is my time.

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  2. Yes!

    My usual kidding aside, I believe we do have some obligation to be as clear as we can when communicating, but long experience has taught me that some people will try to misinterpret “Hi” into something negative. 😛

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      1. Oh so true. I used to feel bad and like I should have somehow been clearer as I’m rarely truly mean. Some people don’t even want to try to understand though. It’s all about their own drama or being addicted to outrage.

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      2. Amen amen amen!! I used to feel bad too. I don’t anymore. I think some people see assertiveness as being mean. It isn’t. But we can’t worry about how others feel about what we say. Like you said, you’re rarely mean. I’m the same way. I’m a friendly person. But I’ve learned to shut things down.

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