The 31 Days of October Challenge, Day 1, It’s Just a lot of Hocus Pocus


Liz stared at the night sky. It was such a beautiful night. The moon was illuminating the world around her. The stars brilliantly shining against the blackness of the sky. The air was crisp. She added another log to the campfire and returned to her chair to enjoy her coffee and Mother Nature.

She barely had time to sit when she heard sounds coming from across the creek. Then she saw headlights, several headlights heading closer towards the banks of the creek. Her husband, John walked outside from their motorhome to join her. She quickly grabbed him, pulling him behind the small thicket of trees that kept them hidden from the unexpected visitors.

They see several vehicles pull up near one particular tree. It was one that had a haunting look about it. Everyone was in black robes with animal masks hiding their true faces. Just then they see a woman, seemingly dazed, being dragged to a make-shift alter. They laid her down and bound her to the alter. They began dancing and chanting. Liz and John looked at each other both in denial of what they were seeing. Liz tried frantically to find a signal on her phone. John looked at her, “Liz, we’ve not been able to get a signal the entire time we’ve been here.” Liz was in a panic, “We’ve got to do something.” John grabbed her and pulled her closer. Both knew there was nothing they could do. They couldn’t call for help and if they started their motorhome, they’d be seen.


These people were likely locals and knew their way around the area in the dark. What would they do to them if discovered? Neither one wanted to watch the nightmare that was unfolding before them but they had no choice.

Photo-The Elder Scrolls

The woman tied to the alter starts to come to. She’s in a panic. Liz can feel the tears on her cheek. What seemed to be the leader, steps to the poor woman branding a large knife. She begins screaming while everyone continues to dance chaotically and still chanting. The leader, let’s out a primordial scream. Everyone stops. He begins preaching like he is a stand up man of religion. He then turns to their sacrifice and screams, “Morgan le Fay, we sentence you to death. For the crime of witchcraft!” Liz looks at her husband. He knew right then what they were about to do. Both head into their motorhome and grab their rifles and ammo and head out.

The leader steps to Morgan le Fay and raises the knife and is about to plunge it into her when John puts one in between his eyes. The cult begins scrambling. It wasn’t long before they came out brandishing their own rifles. John and Liz had the advantage as they were on higher ground and their campfire had since burned out. They used the cover of darkness and their vantage point to their advantage. Right now these lunatics were just shooting at the night. One by one Liz and John took them down. Just then Liz hears a sound coming from behind them. She sees two sets of headlights. She turns her focus on the approaching vehicles while John continues to shoot it out with the remaining cult members.

Five people total exit both vehicles and they are still wearing their black robes giving them away. She focuses and takes one down with one shot. They began firing in her direction. She holds her ground protected and hidden by a large bolder. Bullets are whizzing by her. She knows she can’t get up and this makes the situation more dangerous. This is giving them time to draw in closer to her. John sees what is happening and crawls swiftly to get a better vantage point. He fires. This takes the focus off of Liz. They turn their attention towards John. This gives Liz and John the advantage. They are in a group while John and Liz are coming at them from different directions. She begins firing. John begins firing. John calls out, “baby, you okay?” Liz sits there trying to collect herself, “yes, baby, I’m fine.”

They meet back at their motorhome and grab more ammo and walk over to investigate the men they just went to battle with. Liz rummages through their vehicles looking for clues to their identities. John is kneeling over one when Liz throws a gold Sheriff badge and ID onto the body. “What have we done?” Liz says shaking. John turns and both load up and head across the creek to help Morgan le Fay. They pull up to the alter and get out still on guard. John takes out his knife to cut the ropes that bound Morgan. Liz lowers the gag from her mouth. Morgan is pleading for them to not hurt her. While John frees her, Liz comforts her. Liz grabs a blanket and wraps it around her bruised naked body.

They head into the motorhome. John begins to drive. They needed to put some distance between them and the scene of the crime. “What’s your name?” Liz asks, handing her some water. “I’m Morgana.” Liz smiles and quietly she whispers, “King Arthur.” One of her favorite legends.

Morgana stood, dropping the blanket from her body. Most of her cuts and bruises were healed. Liz stood there unable to move. Morgana smiled at her. She began chanting. Liz cries out, “John! John!” John stops the motorhome and runs to the back. He stopped frozen in his tracks. Morgana continued chanting. Suddenly Liz falls to the floor. John sees what is happening but is frozen. Liz is dying. She’s an old woman. Her life, her youth stolen. Morgana on the other hand is now completely healed and looks to be 30 years younger than when they first picked her up.


The chanting continues. John and Liz were ex-military. They had trained for all kinds of scenarios but not this. Not this. Morgana stops chanting and an elderly man walks through the door of the motor home. He was in pretty bad shape. He walks over to John and grabs his hand. John is in hell. He knows he is being sacrificed and he can’t do a damn thing about it. The man squeezes John’s hand and smiles. John begins weakening. He can feel his heartbeat slowing down. John is watching this elderly man growing younger all the while he is being sent to his grave. John’s dark brown hair was now white. His beautiful fair skin was decaying before him. John hits the floor. The elderly man was no more. His youth restored. John and Liz lie there helpless, slowly dying. Morgana grabs the strange man’s hand, “come Arthur, it is time we be on our way.”

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  1. Unfortunately I couldn’t really read too much of it. It hit to close to home for me since I was abused by a cult. But the bit I did read, you were spot on and got it absolutely right about what cults do! Love you! xoxo

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