Hit and Run

Not what I had planned for the day. She had suspended plates. She bolted. All they had was her car which she left behind because she ran out of gas. It’s been impounded. This woman came into my lane then proceeded to argue that I side swiped her.

Thankfully the angel on my one shoulder prevailed and I shut down the argument quickly. Cause the devil on my other shoulder wanted to knock the daylights out of her.

It’s not been a very good day. It could have been worse. That’s the way I need to look at this.

21 thoughts on “Hit and Run”

  1. Yep yep yep. Been there. Except I chased after a hit& runner down dark streets like a fucking idiot until I lost him.

    Then when the adrenaline slowed I thought… wtf did I just do? What if he’d stopped & been armed???

    My uninsured motorists’ coverage paid for damages.