The 31 Days of October, Day 4, The Night at Hand, a Twisted Tale

Janice ran until she felt like her lungs would burst, stopping momentarily to catch her breath. She hears the sound of breaking twigs behind her. She takes off running. She was lost and had no idea where she was going. Then she sees a light. In the middle of the woods stood a cabin. The front porch light illuminated her way.

Janice ran faster than she ever thought possible. Within a few minutes she was at the cabin. She began pounding on the door pleading for help. It seemed to take an eternity for the door to open.

In the door stood an old woman. She welcomed the young woman inside. Janice began telling her how her car broke down on Highway 66. When the tow truck arrived the driver had a rusty hook where his right hand used to be. All the while the old woman was listening and stirring a pot she had in her fireplace.

Janice then told her something that was straight out of a horror movie. The man shattered her window, pulling her from the safety of her vehicle. “All he kept saying is, I want my hand. Give me back my hand!” This caught the old woman’s interest. She smiled at Janice which was very odd. She grabs the ladle and pours some stew into two bowls. “Do you have a phone? I need to call the police.” Her words seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Janice didn’t know what to think. Did she understand what she had just said? The old woman sets a bowl in front of Janice and hands her a spoon. “Eat up child. You’re safe here. No one is coming through that door. Don’t you worry your pretty little head.”

Janice sat there not sure what to say. She stands up and looks out the window. All she sees is the woods. There was no one out there. Maybe she could relax. She walks back to the table and grabs the spoon. She begins stirring the stew. She plunged her spoon in and grabs a healthy serving of the stew. It did smell incredible and she was starving. She brings the spoon to her mouth and what she sees causes her to drop the spoon and its contents. A human finger.

Janice looks at the old woman in horror and sees her lapping up the stew. Janice runs to the boiling pot and removes the lid. There in the pot was what was left of a human hand.

“I told you, you are safe here. He won’t come this way ever again child. Now sit down and eat your stew.”

-LA Vent 2019

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