I am Who I am, You are Who You Are

I have acne scars. I have cellulite. I am overweight. I have surgical scars. My skin, my body tell a story. Every scar has a story. I do maintenance as I call it to keep my weight in check. I have to as I have no thyroid. I don’t want to be skinny. I am fine with being a bigger girl.

I see young girls beat themselves up for not looking like models or actresses. Everything these days is photoshopped. Not one person is perfect. Everyone has flaws.

I love who I am. This body has survived a lot. An accident and cancer, even an emergency c-section to save my daughter’s life. Would I like to have perfect skin and a flat tummy? Of course. But I do not beat myself up over it.

I am who I am. You are who you are. You should love everything about yourself. All the good and even what you perceive to be bad. All of these things make you who you are. Your worth is not dictated by anyone but you. Know your worth. We are more than just flesh. So much more. Beauty starts in the heart.

24 thoughts on “I am Who I am, You are Who You Are”

  1. Well said, excellent post. I know I have been silent. I have been dealing with a very stressful situation with my 28 year old daughter. It has taking up my time even when I am at work. Yes that kind of stressful but I am glad to read that post, it just reafirmed my belief in what you said know your worth.

      1. Screw standards. Any self professing man would be stoked to take you out and show you off!

      2. I know weight and women are touchy subjects. But you have nothing to worry about.

        This is my compliment and good deed for the day. Have a great day Laura!

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