Food for Thought-What are you Bringing to the Table?

The more I think about this, the more I love it. It’s logic if someone doesn’t add value to your life, what’s the point? Love it!

Not that I’m dating but definitely food for thought!

20 thoughts on “Food for Thought-What are you Bringing to the Table?”

      1. Oh definitely. Like almost everything in life it’s about a moderate middle ground. I know you have the common sense to understand that. At the same time though as I was reading that, I kept thinking of dating profiles I’d read in the past where the person had NOTHING to offer themselves other than baggage but were demanding to be viewed as a prize catch. So yeah, it can swing both ways.

      1. Things are good. Keeping busy. I went to a body shop and I have appt to get car repaired Wednesday. Far more damage upon closer inspection. Not sure what this is gonna cost but thankfully insurance will cover it except deductible. Will be glad to get that done. How have you been?

      2. I had no idea your car had been an a scrape. Hope it was nothing serious and you’re ok. I’m good thanks… πŸ™‚

      3. I’m fine. Was just upset as the girl took off leaving her car behind which was not registered which means no insurance and mine has to cover it. But it could have been worse!

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