The 31 Days of October Challenge-Day 9, Can You Hear Me?

Mally dreaded visiting her grandmother’s grave. She loved her grandmother but she was frightened by what she heard coming from a nearby mausoleum.

She was the only one that could hear it. A woman crying out to be let out. She tried to tell her mother but she didn’t believe Mally.

Mally walked with her mother to the grave. Just then her mother got an urgent phone call. The wind had picked up due to a storm that was moving in, she retreated to her car to take the call.

“Please!!! Somebody, please, let me out.” Mally had goosebumps and her first instinct was to run screaming to her mother. But something told her to open the door to the mausoleum. She walked slowly towards it, saying her prayers the entire way.

She finally reached the mausoleum. “Please! Let me out! Oh why won’t anyone help me?” Mally mustered up all of her courage and opened the door. Out ran a black cat. Mally nearly jumped out of her skin. She peaked inside but all she saw was a concrete tomb. Still intact. The name on the tomb was Helen Janson. The black cat stayed near Mally. She was able to convince her mother to let her keep him.

When Mally and her Mom got home, Mally set up a litter box and food bowl for her new pet. Mally ran to her computer and did a search on the name she saw on the tomb.

She found out that Helen Janson was a local author that had passed away a couple years previous. Mally begin researching her books. There on the back of her last book was a picture of Helen with the black cat. Turned out his name was Midnight. Helen had no family in the area and her cat was her constant companion.

Midnight jumped into Mally’s lap and began purring. Slowly Mally’s door creeped open. There stood Helen Janson. She smiled at Mally. “Thank you for freeing Midnight. He followed me to the hospital the night I died. He never left me. I’m not sure how no one saw him. Then he followed me to the cemetery. He’s been locked up in my mausoleum living off of rain water and mice. I guess it’s a good thing that the craftsman I hired to build it did a shoddy job. I know he is safe now. I know you will take good care of him. I can move on now. Thank you Mally, my sweet girl. You’ve set me free.”

And just like that she was gone. Mally looked at Midnight, “well I guess I don’t have to figure out a name for you now, do I?” Midnight pulled in closer to her, his purr box louder than ever.

-LA Vent 10/2019

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