Dear Me,

To Whom it May Concern,

I am me, do not compare me to any other woman. Learn me and value me.

Be my best friend. Confide in me. Let me be there for you.

Do not prioritize other women over me. Ways men do this: Ignoring their woman while giving another woman/women their attention. It really is not that difficult to understand.

Make time for me. I want quality. Period. I understand quantity can be difficult at times. I said at times, not all the time.

Let me be me. Do not make me feel bad for the way I express my love. I’m not changing that. If you’re repelled by my hand touching your cheek, you’re not for me.

Show you care. How sad is it that this even has to be said?! But it does.

Do not disrespect me – ever. I will raise ten kinds of hell. Believe me when I say, there has never been anyone I can’t live without except myself. I won’t lose respect for myself by tolerating disrespect from you.

If you mess up, apologize with sincerity. Don’t apologize just to continue the same behavior. I will do the same.

Look up the definition of sincerity.

Let’s go on adventures. From trips of checking out antique malls to the mountains.

When I’ve had a bad day, let me talk about it. I’m not looking for you to fix anything. I need you to be my sounding board and biggest supporter. As I will be yours.

Cook with me. Let’s make a fabulous meal while sipping wine, kissing, talking and bonding.

Don’t stop wooing me. Don’t get so comfortable in the relationship that you start to take it for granted. Nurturing keeps the bond strong.

I’m not ready for you yet. Maybe one day I will be. This list is for me. A reminder to never settle. To never let anyone make me feel that there is something wrong with the way I love.

12 thoughts on “Dear Me,”

  1. More than reasonable expectations, anything less is doomed for failure and or misery, ones better of alone. There’s an old Sufi saying, “don’t spend your time looking for your mate, spend it getting ready to be worthy when they arrive”.

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