Food for Thought-Attention is Energy

15 thoughts on “Food for Thought-Attention is Energy”

  1. Yep. All about how we choose to deal with the circumstances of our lives. Sometimes letting yourself grieve a while is good. ‘I’ll let myself feel bad a week” for instance or longer if the circumstance warrants it. Part of my process of letting go. Burying things can be problematic, too. So I allow myself a little room. But bottom line it all boils down to how much you’re willing to “give” to negative emotions or bitterness. You just keep losing that way. I like the way he puts this. Too much attention is energy draining. (Like I have to let go the fact that officials made FOUR bad calls against my Lions that cost us the game (everyone agrees) and the coach keeps screwing up calling time outs and/or getting too many men on the field.) Ha. My brother called and asked if we were “over it yet” last night. Of course, I’m being silly and babbling away. My dog has diarrhea and my son with Downs has a bad virus, and my dad has Parkinson’s, so I better let go of that rotten game so I have energy to be care-giver again. I’m fighting said virus, too, so we’re lying low here–and my own blog needs “attention.” Happy Wednesday.