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15 thoughts on “Unfuckwithable”

  1. I am a rock, huh? I am an iiiiisland. Simon and Garfunkle. Well, I tried that for a long time. Then I had to accept that in order to experience life to its fullest, I had to get hurt. And I had to accept that about myself instead of beating myself up over it. If I didn’t care about anything and wasn’t passionate, what kind of life is that? Ever see Serendipity with John Cusack? It’s our pain that defines us. Our willingness to be vulnerable, BUT our refusal to be diminished as a person when things go obviously awry. It’s how LONG you stay hurt that counts. And what you do next. 🙂 Still, I DO like your word!

    1. Oh I agree. I’ve come to realize that knowing what you want makes it easier to walk away from what you don’t want. No matter how you feel about someone. It’s okay to care about someone but sometimes it has to be from a distance as some people don’t fit into our worlds as we hoped. Life is about taking chances but if I’m happy where I am right now then I don’t feel the need to. When time is right and person is right I will know.