The Adventures of Laura-This is the Mondayest Monday Ever

I get up and do my usual routine. It’s time for me to head out to my hair appointment. I had planned on stopping to pick up a sugar free smoothie for my hairdresser and myself first. I grab my umbrella and head to my car. I throw everything in the passenger seat and my car won’t start.

I was not about to miss my hair appointment. Sorry-not sorry. My hair has these areas of white showing currently. Not sure what that crap is about! 😉

So, I call Uber. Luckily it didn’t take long for my ride to arrive. I have lost 19 pounds in three weeks watching my carbs and eliminating sugar. Well, all bets are off this morning. I picked up a large coffee and some muffins at Donut Bank next to my salon. As I walk with the box of muffins, a large coffee, a bottle of diet pop, one large handbag and my umbrella to my salon, I found a hole in the parking lot that thanks to the rain soaked my feet and pants.

I’m now safe in the salon chair, wet and frazzled but I got muffins. This is the Mondayest Monday ever!

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