The 31 Days of October Challenge, Day 22, Zodiac Signs

The two zodiac signs for the month of October are Libra and Scorpio.

Libra is September 23rd-October 22nd.

Scorpio is October 23rd-November 21st.

First up Libra

Scorpio-the only zodiac sign that has three symbols.

10 thoughts on “The 31 Days of October Challenge, Day 22, Zodiac Signs”

  1. Oooh you ain’t kidding. I’m actually on the cusp. And, although most horoscopes put me at the end of Libra, a few put me at the very beginning of Scorpio. Hence I have BOTH sets of characteristics. The older I get, the more I seem to squash more and more of both negative sides. Been there, done that, not worth it. πŸ˜‰

    1. I was married to a Libra. We are not compatible romance wise but I have a lot of friends that are Libras and we get along great! I follow zodiac signs enough to know that many characteristics are spot on. It’s kinda scary. Some characteristics no but many yes. My moon sign is Cancer. So I am very much tied to my emotions. Lol!

      1. Oooh Cancer’s and Libras are soooo not a good match. My son is a Cancer and whew, good thing you can’t divorce your kids. ;-} I’m married to a Sagittarius and it’s been really, really good. It is kind of creepy how accurate they are. I am also like freaked out by the accuracy of the MBTI personality profiles. EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!

  2. Libra is pretty spot-on. Dude, Scorpio is scary… a very good friend of mine is Scorpio and fortunately I’ve only witnessed his good traits (his wife has mentioned some of the bad ones though! Except he is NOT violent). Great post idea! πŸ™‚