Laugh for the Day-Speed Dating

I saw this and it had me laughing. I will be 50 in a matter of days. I am currently not dating and have no real desire to. But this made me laugh.

My thinking is this-ya got one shot to make an impression. We aren’t getting any younger! A questionnaire -that would eliminate a lot (all) of people and quickly. Brilliant!

Please complete this short questionnaire and I will get back to you (or not) as soon as possible.

13 thoughts on “Laugh for the Day-Speed Dating”

  1. Dating = ๐Ÿคฎ

    Donโ€™t miss it. Donโ€™t miss FB. All garbage.

    Relationships arenโ€™t garbage, but imo you canโ€™t get to a relationship very often via the โ€œnew mathโ€ of having sex first and being evaluated on how closely you match up to his porn fantasies.