The 31 Days of October Challenge, Day 29, Keep Calm it’s my Birthday!

Here I am a 1/2 a century old! Time sure does move fast. I put together a few things for my big birthday celebration. Gonna have some fun with this one!


Just turned 50, I just can’t believe! Am I really 50? I want a reprieve!

I feel the aches and feel the pain of my aging body and forgetful brain.

I am not ready for Preparation H, Prune Juice and wearing a Depend. I will go broke, from aging gracefully, for all my money I’m sure to spend!

Just turned 50, I guess it is time to reflect. I know some things were not wise choices -in retrospect.

I have had many grand occasions and a lot of laughs. Hoping I can have more without leaking too much gas!

Gray hair and wrinkles -no it’s not a dream. Spend a small fortune on hair dye and tons of anti-aging cream!

At least my balls don’t hit water when I sit. Happy to be woman, I don’t have to shower after every single shit.

I cannot believe I am fifty, where has the time gone? A party now involves using Ben Gay, in my youth it was a bong.

I cannot believe I am 50! My! Time has flown so fast. I guess I can handle it, because I have had such a blast.

Thank you God for seeing me through my first 50 years. Here’s to 50 more, CHEERS!!!!!!

-Laura Venturini

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