A Day for Me

I had a fantabulous 50th birthday. The day started with an appointment with my pain management doctor. Yes, not fun but necessary. I got my anti-inflammatory injection and went on a little adventure in a neighboring town.

Time with Mother Nature and visiting art galleries was just what I needed. I wish more days were like this. It was perfection.

33 thoughts on “A Day for Me”

      1. There’s a revolutionary war site a little ways from here and I’d go hike around there. Kind of evokes a lot of emotions walking trails American and British troops walked and everything that happened there. What they did to start all of this and now walking those trails in these modern times those people fought for and people care less today. Being someone who has served myself it has a lot of meaning.

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      2. I never served but I’d feel the same way. I am that way about Gettysburg. I stand in awe of everything that transpired there. My feet touching the very ground where so many sacrificed their lives. It was another turning point in America. A major stepping stone. I love to tour old Forts also. Toured one in Boston dates back to Revolutionary War. I hated history class in school but take me yo the location and I am beyond enthusiastic to learn more.

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      3. I liked history class lol! But I understand. It’s one thing to hear about something, it’s entirely different when you are actually there.

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