The 31 Days of October Challenge-Day, 30, The Wizard of Oz Facts

13 thoughts on “The 31 Days of October Challenge-Day, 30, The Wizard of Oz Facts”

  1. Laura, these are some really cool fun facts. Damn, the cast went through so much to make that movie. Have you seen the scene in the movie where someone hung themselves from one of the trees int the dark forest? That’s really freaky.

    Here is my submission:

  2. Well, Abe Lincoln said everything on the internet is true, esp if it’s a meme… HOWEVER… The Wizard of Oz was released in 1939. Asbestos wasn’t declared a health hazard until the 1970 Clean Air Act. Likewise, 80 cigarettes a day works out to 5 per every waking hour, assuming a 16 hour day & 8 hours of sleep. She’d also have a voice of pure gravel. O_O

    1. Lol! I too think the 80 sounds ridiculous but I checked several sources and all said same thing. All could be reporting from same source and could be wrong. I don’t think there’s any way to ever really know. But agree it sounds like an excessive estimate.
      No asbestos wasn’t declared a health hazard officially until then but a link between asbestos and cancer was discovered in 1934.
      Maybe the wording should have been different on that particular meme.

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