Food for Thought-Self Reflection is not about Tearing Yourself Down

I use reflection a lot in my writing. I was thinking about a time, not that long ago, when my reflecting included me beating myself up over things and this got me no where.

I made myself feel bad for needing to heal. Things that others poo pooed about. One thing I came to realize -that was foolish. Nobody has walked in my shoes. Nobody knows what particular events did to me emotionally. Nobody can know how they’d feel unless they had experienced these things.

We are entitled to feel how we feel about any given situation. If we do not allow ourselves to feel it, we cannot move on past it. It’s really simple, only it’s not. Everything is simple in theory. It’s the execution where it gets more complicated. I’ve said it before, healing is messy.

But I digress. The point is simply this; reflecting is supposed to be productive. To bring about a positive change. It’s personal. Not one person can feel what you do, experience what you have. Only you can face it and do the work to heal. Ignore opinions and do what you need to for you and please do not internalize other’s opinions as this only hinders your healing. Self-reflection is supposed to build you up not tear you apart. It’s very personal. Blessings!

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