I took a week away from my blog to get things done around the house. I did get a lot done. Such as caulking windows, exchanging Summer wardrobe for Winter wardrobe, cleaning vents, cleaning yard up and burning some fallen branches and even some plumbing.

So much more needs to be done but I can only do what I can do. I sure have missed everyone.

22 thoughts on “Handywoman”

    1. Nice to hear!! It was hard to stay off here but I knew if I didn’t, I’d feel urge to post and keep posting and read and nothing would get done. Lol! We have a snowstorm moving in today, so I’m really grateful that last Monday was such a beautiful day. Perfect for getting yard cleaned up.

      1. Lol! Well my daughter and I have a lot of hair and my sink kept clogging. I learned how to remove an attached stopper in order to clear it. Thanks to YouTube!