Veteran’s Day-Deepest Thanks

Thank you to all the veterans for their sacrifice. Thank you to my favorite veteran, my Dad.

25 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day-Deepest Thanks”

  1. Me Father many times was away from me on assignment eradicated the world of evil cockroaches.

    This is something I wrote in honour of my Father and other Vets this lyrics are a tribute to that sacrifice some like my Father made it back home others paid ultimate demise in the name of freedom.

    Your Father would be proud of you honouring him and his legacy Laura



    1. I love it! My dad is pretty awesome. I took videos of him talking about some of his experiences in the military as well as being a kid in Italy during WWII. He’s seen a lot in his life. I could sit listening to him forever. One of my favorite people on this planet.

      1. I learned a lot from my Dad one the first lesson he taught was adversity and when you find yourself in quicksand.

        He said to me at some point you will suffer defeat in sports in competition and most certainly in Life.

        “But it’s up to you how you respond to your own adversity I will be there stand by you but I will not pick you up. That is up to you and You alone “

      2. Wise man!! That’s part of the problem today with younger generation. They’ve had someone doing everything for them and they can’t do for theirselves.

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