Human Trafficking

Law enforcement has stepped up its fight on human traffickers. Seeing one bust after another is smacking us in the face as to the enormity of the problem.

Schools are even teaching students how to not become one of these statistics. This is the times in which we live. I have so many questions. Was this an issue when we were kids and it’s now more visible due to media attention? Do these young people account for a large amount of missing kids? How do we shut this down completely? Can we?

Thanks to the Epstein case, it is obvious that trafficking has some major benefactors. Money talks. This is what makes me think that law enforcement will have a heavy caseload to carry and I do not see this issue going away.

That does not mean we should throw in the towel. Save as many kids as possible. Incarcerate as many responsible as possible. I believe it is an uphill battle being fought. But one that is worth fighting!

18 thoughts on “Human Trafficking”

  1. The people who can do something about it won’t do anything about it due to politics and friends in high places. I, a possible abducted child, and thousands of others in this country are living proof. I am sure you have heard the phrase “someones misery is someones profit”? If human trafficking were completely stopped and missing people were found and returned and abductors were no longer abducting because they were cured, think of all the crooked charities like the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children who would no longer get all that nice millions of taxpayer $ and private donations and would close its doors for good. The authorities are not going to do it because the politicians who want to be reelected are receiving large amounts of financial support from “special interests” who benefit from human trafficking and missing children. It is these special interests lively hood. Another words, JOB SECURITY.

  2. Sadly this was happening in the 80’s. It just wasn’t talked about like it is today. And even today it’s not discussed enough. People still feel as if it doesn’t happen in their town and yet kids and young adults go missing daily. Some to never be heard from or seen again.

    Very disheartening! Thanks for sharing Laura!!

      1. That is what I don’t understand. In the US we are seeing a lot of human trafficking rings being busted. Which is great. But until the head of the snake it cut off, it will remain a major problem.