The Missing

Becky and Paula had an excellent idea, share information on missing kids/people. Reality is some of these kids have been missing so long, if they’re still alive they’re adults now. We might not be able to shut down human trafficking but we sure can share information about the missing.

Be on the lookout!! I don’t know if it will result in any missing people being found. But doing nothing definitely won’t.

8 thoughts on “The Missing”

  1. It’s scary to me that regard for human life and boundaries are crossed of these innocents – It’s another subject but when I read about the Mormon offshoot group in Mexico being slaughtered by a cartel I wept. 3 women and 6 children some were babies. It just seems like some people have no conscience at all. No regard for others privilege as humans to exist. It is just flabbergasting beyond belief.

    1. Yes so many are. I cannot imagine what these kids are put through. What really gets me. These individuals have a lot of money. They could use this money to help but they use it to abuse. I would say that the quote, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely but something was very broken in these people to begin with.

      1. Yes and some of the people in power are part of what’s going on, or use the people who are stolen. It’s a nightmare. Until the penalty for stealing children, is death. Nothing will stop the evil people from doing the same thing time and time again. Imagine what the parents of the kids who are taken go through. Not knowing where their child is, if their child is dead or alive, being tortured. Can’t even imagine how horrific that is.