A New Friend

As many of you know, I lost my sweet Jazzy. My house just did not feel like a home without her. I had no intentions of getting another dog. At least not for a while. Then I saw this face.

His given name is Clifford. He sure looks like a Clifford. Next thing I know I am filling out paperwork to adopt him. I was heading to the grocery the next day when I receive a call from a local Humane Society. It was to tell me that Clifford was mine. I burst into tears. The next day I picked my baby up.

He is a hot mess! He gets into everything. Pees everywhere. Bites everything. Chews everything. I’m in love! He’s also the sweetest and most loving little guy.

I was going to name him Clifford Quincy but decided Clifford Tucker was spot on. Cause he is a little tucker at times! πŸ’•

So I might not be on here as much as he requires a great deal of attention. Many blessings!

29 thoughts on “A New Friend”

  1. Laura, Congratulations on your new fur baby. Clifford is absolutely scrumptios. That face is so precious.
    He’s just gonna keep marking the territory for a while to show you that this is now his home. Get puppy paps in the meantime and bring them outdoors. This will help him with training.
    Again… Congratulations Mommy!!! πŸ’“


      1. Haha, I remember when I had my last puppy, we slept curled up under my chin, I couldn’t bloody move. Then he jumped down in the morning and left me a lovely gift by the door 🀣🀣


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