The Adventures of Clifford -So it Begins!

Clifford is 12 weeks old and weighs 25 pounds. He’s going to be a BIG dog!

Potty training is hard work. It takes patience, persistence and treats!

Unfortunately, it takes cooperation as well! Puppies are very much like toddlers in the way that they are curious about everything! Everything! Wires, hair, toilet paper, leaves…..everything. Clifford keeps me on my toes! He figured out how to use the cat door to get to his food!

I thought I had my house puppy- proofed pretty well! I guess I was wrong! Since he has been here, I’ve dug up several plants that are toxic to dogs, had to figure out a way to block cat door, hide electrical wires, throw out a gate he destroyed on day 1, chased him down to get leaves, socks, toilet paper out of his mouth. Whew!

I’m exhausted! But I’m smiling. He is a mischievous puppy that is full of love. My heart is full. I have a feeling he will give me a lot of adventures to write about.

Especially leash training! Lord give me strength! Be on the lookout for more -The Adventures of Clifford!

26 thoughts on “The Adventures of Clifford -So it Begins!”

      1. I’m so happy you got him, he will fill the void, and make you laugh and love you wholeheartedly. Gain, those expressive eyes would win me over in a heartbeat.
        I’ve got this thing for dogs eye. Most look like they are looking into you soul. Gotta love that feeling.

      2. Yeah, the training can be a bit tiring, but so worth every minute.
        I had kennel trained my Brandie Muffin Lady one day. All I did was give her a stuffed animal with my scent on it and that’s all it took.
        The kennel always remained as her safe place, or where she enjoyed her pigs ears.
        But, she s the most well trained dog I had ever owned and loved with my heart.
        Peanut (My parrot) would love riding her around the house too. She was surely missed, heck she is still missed.

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