The Adventures of Clifford-That’s not how any of this Works!

I know what you’re thinking. Look at that sweet little angel. Hahahahaha! Oh he can be. He can be the sweetest baby you’ve ever seen and then he turns into Godzilla! I have been super busy with Clifford. I forgot how much work it takes having a puppy. It’s exhausting. To top things off I came down with the flu. I was really bad yesterday afternoon and last night. Running to the bathroom a lot! I was finally able to get some rest and Clifford was so sweet. He laid on his blanket in my room and chilled. I could not believe how good he was. Well, he made me pay for it later. He only made it partially on his pee pad and it was all over the floor. As I’m trying to clean it up, he decides he wants to destroy said pee pad. Here I am, dealing with the flu, hurting like hell, trying to get pee pad off the floor, keep a puppy from stepping in his own pee and keep him from shredding his pee pad. I yelled for him to stop and pointed my finger at the little heathen. He went to take off and slipped and fell into his own puddle of pee. Lovely! Just lovely! I feel like lukewarm piss and now have a dog that smells like like lukewarm piss.

So now I gotta wash the little Godzilla. Clean the floor where he peed and everywhere he tracked his pee after his beautiful landing. Calgon take me away! He had extra energy last night and I did my best to help him get it out. But I felt horrid!

I am thankful my little Godzilla let me sleep in until 5:30 this morning. I needed it. I’m also thankful the stomach part of this flu has passed. For lack of a better word. But my body feels like someone beat the hell out of me. So I decided to soak in the tub for a bit. I paid for it afterwards. He missed his pee pad and had three puddles on the floor. I head to my bedroom to get a change of clothes and he decided to piss in the corner of my room. I feel like when I take “me” time, he makes me pay! Oh puppies are babies, toddlers and teens all rolled up in a cute fluffy body. The cutest fluffiest babies.

He is a smart puppy. Has commands down. Sit, stay, lay and shake. He’s full of kisses and wants to be near his people. But when he gets a wild hair in his ass, you better watch out! You gotta watch him closely outdoors. He wants to eat mulch and sticks. He pooped a tree yesterday. It’s not always crazy. But when it is it’s like someone activated his asshole button!

He’s an adorable little Godzilla. My Godzilla.

13 thoughts on “The Adventures of Clifford-That’s not how any of this Works!”

  1. That look they give when they’re in their own world biting something and you disturb them for a picture. They’re like “what?”.

    I dont know what it is about those damn sticks, twigs, acorn husks, mulch; it’s so annoying!

  2. “Dogzilla”, that’s so sweet!
    Puppies are a whole lot of work, but in the end…they are so worth it.
    I’m so sorry you have the flu and cleaning up pee pads and pawprints.
    If it makes you feel any better… I had a puppy whien I was living with my ex-fiance’, and she took it upon herself to chew up 14 pairs of shoes. She broke out from the gated kitchen and went on destroy and destruction mission. If it weren’t for her adorable face, I would have killed her. LOL!
    Hang in there, Laura. I hope you feel better really soon. 💓

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