Clifford experienced fireworks for the first time New Year’s Eve. He was very frightened by the loud booms. He had just nodded off when they began. I was not sure what to do so I turned on some music. Whatcha know? My dog is as big a music lover as me! Kismet!!

I did discover the calming effects of music on him once before. I was exhausted. We had a particularly long night and I did not get much sleep. I turned on some music and it acted like a lullaby. The power of music!

8 thoughts on “Mélomanie”

  1. There were a couple of very loud fireworks around here NYE that didn’t sit well with my cat, she calmed right down in my lap. Never thought about music calming animals before. You two were made for each other! <3

  2. That’s great that the music worked. Another option that’s sold in various stores is a “Thunder Shirt”. It looks like a service animal or police dog vest and apparently does a pretty good job of calming dogs during thunderstorms and other loud noises. 🙂