Sometimes you gotta be a Bitch

Why do we feel the need to bite our tongues or refrain from standing up for ourselves? All I know is ignoring that which is painful does more harm than good. It festers. It boils. It always comes out. Speak your truth.

Those that have your best interest will hear you. Those that don’t, well you’ve found out just where you stand. It tears at your soul to tolerate behavior which goes against your belief system. So don’t! Being a loving and kind person does not mean you must tolerate bad behavior. Sometimes you gotta be a bitch.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes you gotta be a Bitch”

  1. I love this! I’m going through this right now. If I try too hard to be nice all the time, it just doesn’t work and I lose it completely! Sometimes I gotta speak my mind, and just back off from the act of trying to be a people-pleaser.

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  2. Inquiring minds want to know… Why only SOMETIMES?!? O_O 😀

    Seriously, I wish people didn’t have such a hard time with the concept of balance. Compassion is a noble concept but sometimes it becomes enabling (for example).

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    1. So very true!!! You gotta stand up for yourself and if you’re perceived as crazy or a bitch for doing so, so be it. I think it starts at a young age. If you felt like you could not speak up, it becomes a habit. But some I think worry too much what others think.

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