Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today, I had a complete thyroidectomy. The cancer diagnosis was confirmed and had spread into lymph nodes. This was one of the hardest times in my life. For many reasons.
The surgery was painful but the RAI treatment was hell. Especially the process. Being without any thyroid hormone was not something I was prepared for. They don’t tell you the impact being without hormone will have. I was having trouble in my personal life, I had gained a lot of weight, I felt more fatigue than I had ever experienced. It was a bad time. Then the treatment. Isolated, chemically imbalanced and sick. Very sick.
Everyone’s cancer experience is different. This is just a glimpse of mine. Reflecting back on it and I don’t know some days how I made it through with how absolutely horrible I felt. But I did. I’m here.
If you’re battling cancer, take it minute by minute. Because taking it day by day is too much. Remember cancer may have started the fight but you will finish it! Believe it and kick cancer’s ass!
Much love!

12 thoughts on “Ten Years Ago Today”

  1. Ten years is amazing but don’t get tatoos. Evidence a lot of them can do stuff to your body and nobody knows for sure what even small ones do to your health. I am not a snob about this otherwise but your health has already been compromised. Don’t introduce foreign substances–for instance, my dentist talked me into capping a few front teeth and my gums do not like it. Worrisome for me. XO

  2. Hi Laura– I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and that is bad enough! I imagine all cancer throws off your system, but he thyroid regulates everything! (I do feel a lot better on the Carnivore Diet, no doubt because I react to so many plants–it’s an autoimmune thing). Do they give you synthroid or anything? Not that it works totally right, but it helps, I guess. Good for you. All good thoughts.

  3. Bloody hell Laura, that sounds tough as hell, thank fuck you came out of it the other side. Sorry for swearing. Cancer is an awful and cruel disease. My old man wasn’t strong enough to beat it. Glad you beat its ass

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