The Adventures of Clifford-Cone Free and Fancy Free!

Clifford managed to get his cone off one day early. He made sure it was not usable. Luckily his incision has healed nicely. He has been busy cleaning all the body parts he has not been able to reach for 2 weeks. He’s also enjoying getting to run and play again. ❤️

My dogzilla is now 5 months old. I now suffer anxiety about socks. Lord please protect this boy from himself!

8 thoughts on “The Adventures of Clifford-Cone Free and Fancy Free!”

  1. p.s. Above all, be consistent. If you say no, do NOT give in. Just like raising kids. Or you will create a monster. Worst thing you can do. No means no. My two cents on dog raising (we have also had our dogs at trainers several times, obedience stuff.) Take him around kids a lot early and strangers. Our English Shepherd (collie family, like a border collie) is slightly too protective. Should have taken her around kids and actual strangers much more. We live out off the grid. There you have it!

  2. He’s just adorable! I’m so glad he’s doing ok. Don’t let your guard down. Some dogs don’t outgrow eating weird things. We had a neighbor whose dog ate a box of matches and he of course died. But he never really outgrew that. So keep anything weird away from him. Gosh he’s cute! My son has a black lab mix, my daughter has a full blooded black lab. When my kids were growing up we had a black lab mix. Now I have an English Shepherd. English Shepherds are easier to train than labs, but keep at it! And yep, training! The better trained he is — I keep my dog off furniture but allow them on beds. (Which I shouldn’t but if you can’t cuddle with a dog, what is there left in life?) Less things to reach if they are kept down off counters and furniture and they are much better to your house guests, too! (Also keeping them “down” reminds them they are below us in the pack. Don’t get up in the night and take him outside soon–make sure he respects you. Don’t feed him from the table or play tug of war until later. When he’s older, playing tug of war is ok. Don’t give him treats without some kind of test. Shake hands, lie down, etc. (That may seem silly but it again reinforces who is in charge). So the better trained, the better! (This neighbor is the worst dog trainer on the planet — spoils his dogs — and they act terrible. He has to get up in the night to let this dog out, totally runs the show. His present dog is still living, but has very bad manners. She would have been a very nice dog, too.) Keep the pictures coming!

    1. Thanks for the tips!! Since cone has come off I’ve been stricter on him. That threw everything off! We’ve been playing and as soon as I feel safe to get his chest harness on, we will be going out more away from the house.