Clifford Speaks-The Battle of Wills; I’m Alpha Damn It!

Clifford and I took a training class a few weeks back. Some behaviors have changed for the positive. Some are still a work in progress. It’s hard to make a puppy understand when other things require your attention. They will do whatever to grab that attention. The last couple days he’s testing me. That’s okay! I’m up for the challenge!

2 thoughts on “Clifford Speaks-The Battle of Wills; I’m Alpha Damn It!”

  1. My dog was a real challenge — kept chewing on me too hard and sort of attacking me. I tried pennies in cans, squirt bottles, nothing worked. She is in the collie family and very smart. And she figured she’d be head of the pack. I finally got mad and spanked her with a rolled up magazine, I just couldn’t take it anymore–never had another problem on any front. She knew who was in charge. 🙂 All you have to do is say the word magazine and she backs off and I think she only got spanked that once! We had another dog once we got too late that really challenged us. The breeder said she was the alpha bitch and I told her there was only one Alpha bitch in this family and it was me! She kept snapping at my son with Downs so the breeder took her back. Then we had the most lovely lab/mix you ever saw. She lived to 14. Black lab looking dog. No dog ever had a sweeter disposition but we got her at 7 weeks. They will bury me on our property off the grid someday next to her! Hang in there. (Oh, saw your other post. You’ll just have different things to w rite about now.)

    1. Training is hard!! He’s taking advantage of fatigue from illness and projects around here. The thing is no matter how tired we are, we gotta stay firm. Easier said than done sometimes!! Yes, been thinking how to take blog in another direction. Guess I will see!!

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