Missed You! Changes are Coming!

Well, my life certainly has changed a lot in the last couple months. Having a puppy sure takes a lot of time and energy. That being said, I do plan to be on here a bit more but not like before. It takes a lot of my energy maintaining my home, working and Clifford.

I don’t think things will be as they once were for me on here. My style and posts might be different. Which is not a bad thing. My time on here before was great. It helped me with my healing process and to deal with some things that were very painful for me. But I am healed from these things and do not want to dwell there any longer. I’m not saying I won’t still speak on healing and such. I will. If my experiences can help others then I’m happy to share.

But it’s time for me to move forward in more ways than one. Until my next post, I hope this finds you doing well. TGIF! Many blessings!