Suicide Among Teens and Young Adults Climbing

I wanted to post this as many acquaintances children have attempted or committed suicide recently. it’s bad enough for an adult to attempt suicide. But when young kids are committing suicide at such an alarming rate-we gotta try to figure out what is going on. We need to be aware of signs of depression. To be able to spot signs in our young people that might indicate that they are in danger.

This post in no way lays blame on any one thing. Let’s face it-life is hard! Any one of us could have ended up a statistic. It’s sad to call anyone a statistic. I hate that terminology! These are human beings. Ones that are hurting. Whether it’s bullying, failing grades, self image, debt, unemployment -whatever is the cause of pain-suicide is not the answer. If you see this and are hurting. Please please please find someone to talk to.

There’s one thing I want you to think about. I know people that have attempted suicide and thankfully failed. When they realized what almost happened, how close they came to losing everything-they had new perspective on life. A rebirth. So many never get that chance. Hang on until tomorrow. A new day, a new dawn. You are not alone.

8 thoughts on “Suicide Among Teens and Young Adults Climbing”

  1. I read somewhere they were working on getting a number update for suicide prevention to a three digit number, like 911. I think they said one to two years before it would be up and running though. much easier to remember than a ten digit number. And you are right it is an epidemic.

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