Conversation with Pops, March 2018

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My Mom had just passed away the day before. I wasn’t sure when a good time would be to approach this. I just wanted my dad to know this was an option. He likes having his own space. Which I totally understand!

Conversation with Pops-

Me: You know Dad when I get my house, you can move in with me if you want.

Dad: Oh, you got a house? Where? How much paying? Interest rate?

Me: I answer all questions first. It has two bedrooms or family room could be third. Living room as well, completely remodeled kitchen and bathroom, back patio, a place for your tomato garden, back yard is nice size.

Dad: So you need someone to mow your yard? Laughing…

Me: Yes! I need a yard boy and someone to make me spaghetti….don’t forget the spaghetti!

Dad: (Hearty laugh)

❤️ Laughter is the best medicine