14 thoughts on “Beautiful Nature, California”

  1. Late getting to this one, but I saved it in my email inbox as one to get back to as time allowed. 🙂

    The pictures there show the larger truth of California. The population control people like to point to California as an example of everything wrong. They imagine the whole state looks like NYC. Reality is while we have about 35 to 40% of the country’s population (and falling fast), the majority of Californians live in the LA to San Diego urban sprawl or the SF bay area. Most of the state is either farm land, or protected state or federal forest area. Doesn’t keep PG&E from trying to burn it all down, but that’s another post, LOL.

    1. You wouldn’t miss the political corruption, crime, homelessnese and taxes (mostly wasted and mismanaged) though. I’m escaping in a few weeks myself. Beautiful state, but enough is enough. 🙂

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