Viruses are Contagious but so is Grace

Times are changing. Things I never thought I’d see in my lifetime are happening now. I don’t know what’s to come. None of us do. We have to be aware and do the best we can to be prepared. Which is hard to do with people hoarding necessities. Some people have prepared for themselves and others that may need help. Some unfortunately are hoarded necessities for opportunistic reasons.

We have seen the good in people and we have seen the bad. Which will you focus on? Honestly I’ve seen a lot more good than bad. I see people reaching out checking on people. I see grocery clerks going out of their way to help people save money while working extra hard amongst the public during this crisis. I see people in the medical field risking their own health to help others. I see accountants still doing taxes. I see delivery services still trying their best to meet high demand. I see grocery stores setting up hours just for the elderly to shop.

Yes, it’s bad right now. We need to be careful and to take care. We need to watch out for those who might take advantage of this situation in one form or another. But we cannot hold onto the negative. We have to do the best we can with a really bad situation. We need to look at what we have, re-evaluate our priorities now and for when this is over. We need to find the positive and find things to laugh about. We need to do our best to stay positive. When it comes down to it, this is out of our hands. So we need to pray, then pray some more. Sending good thoughts out to all. Stay safe and angels all around you!

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