You are Not Alone

My mind is racing tonight. I’m trying to hold onto my advice to friends. One day at a time.

If you’re scared. You’re not alone.

If you’ve found yourself in tears about the world’s current situation. You’re not alone.

If you’re wondering about how you’re going to make it if things don’t turn around fairly quickly.
You’re not alone.

We might be isolated but we are not alone.


17 thoughts on “You are Not Alone”

  1. Et tu, Laura? 🙂

    Going by CDC statistics for 2018, if this were a garden variety seasonal flu, it would have killed 10,000 people in the US in the last month. TB killed a 1.5 million people in 2018. No hysteria there. 116 people dead in a month here though, and people are losing their minds.

    Italy lost 1000 people (roughly) but loses 2000 people a month to the flu during the 7 month flu season. More facts and figures in my own blog, with links to reputable primary sources.

    Should we respect this thing and be cautious? Absolutely. The media has turned this into the bubonic plague on steriods though.

    1. Oh I don’t disagree but when your work shuts down it’s a bit scary. As of right now closed until April. I can deal. Just praying that they don’t end up shutting it down longer. Only so much savings. Has me a bit worried.

  2. I’ve been worried about it since it began. That was wasted time for me- when I could have been enjoying myself. Now it’s too weird and scary. But, I might not even get it when it does saturate here. I wish it was a simple flu that would go away with Spring. But as you so wonderfully put it- we are not alone we are all concerned. Thanks for the share 😀

  3. I keep saying it’s not getting to me, but I’ve had trouble sleeping the last few nights, worrying just how serious is this thing, if the whole world has shut down over it. 🙁

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