When We Look Back at This Moment in Time

When this virus has run its course. When it’s taken it’s last victim. When quarantine is up. When the smoke clears. What will we have taken from this experience? Will we understand better need as opposed to want?

Will our priorities have changed? Will we take time in the future for those little moments? Will we realize the worth of our loved ones more? Will we appreciate freedom more than ever? Will we take the moments from quarantine with our loved ones and remember that some of life’s most precious moments are about getting back to basics? Will we realize that some things are just unnecessary?

Life is about growth. About change. Some of our most profound evolutions of self are brought about by traumatic events. Unexpected, traumatic events. We grow, we shift, we evolve. There’s going to be major changes for everyone. A new norm when all is said and done.

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