Never Take the Little Things For Granted

I’ve been thinking about the saying-Show me, don’t tell me. My friends, my family and I are huggers. Hello-a hug. Goodbye-a hug.

Not a possibility right now. Maybe, you are not able to see someone you love. Or if you can, you might be refraining from hugs and kisses.

It could be worse. We could be left with no means of communication. You might not be able to see someone but you can still talk to them.

If there’s one thing we should take away from all of this-how precious the little things are. A five minute phone call. A hug. Seeing a friend or family member in person. The feeling of a hand touching yours.

This virus isn’t just ugly for the obvious reasons. It’s ugly because it’s trying to stop human contact. But what have we seen through this? People taking the time for short conversations at the grocery. People sacrificing theirselves to help others. People trying to make others laugh. People reaching out.

We won’t be stopped. We will find a new normal. And we will never again take for granted the feeling of a hand touching ours.

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